In the News: The Megga Bagger’s Impact on Centralia’s Flood Management

The Megga Bagger, a state-of-the-art sandbagging equipment, has been a game changer for the City of Centralia. This impressive machine by The Bag Lady has proven invaluable in the city’s efforts to control flooding and protect the community. The Megga Bagger: A Game Changer for Centralia The flooding problem in Centralia has been a long-standing[…]


What Are Sandbags Used For?

You’ve likely seen sandbags used during a natural disaster, but what are other uses for sandbags? While primarily utilized for flood control and military fortification, sandbags offer numerous benefits to various industries. Here, we will discuss what sandbags are, how they’re used, and their countless applications in different industries. What Are Sandbags Sandbags are created[…]