The Bag Lady Inc is a reputable business that specializes in fences. If you need to fence for a residential or commercial location, you’ll benefit from upgrading your property with one of our stylish and practical fencing products.

Silt Fencing

We sell silt fences that are strong enough to manage sediment on a property. Our fences are ideal for urban renovation zones as they can provide protection in zones that contain water. You can use silt fencing to preserve water quality near

  • A river
  • A lake
  • A stream
  • The sea

When this fence is in place, it strategically directs sediment away from runoff that’s produced by storm water. All of our silt fences provide great results because they’re constructed out of a professional-grade porous material.

In order to set up the fence on a property, you’ll have to mount metal or wooden posts in the ground. The number of posts that you’ll need will vary depending on the length of a silt fence. For example, a 100-foot fence will require over a dozen posts; however, it’s a smart investment as it can easily contain 50 pounds of sediment.

Cedar Fence

Cedar is one of the most popular fencing options for a yard. If the temperature outdoors rises and drops dramatically, a cedar fence will handle the changes because cedar wood is strong and durable. When compared to pine, cedar is stronger, so it can stay in optimum condition for a longer length of time. Insects and wood rot can’t harm this fence since the material has a lot of natural oils that drive bugs away and prevents decay.

No matter where you place a this fence on a property, people will notice it. Cedar stands out because it’s an attractive wood that has many rustic elements. Typically, you can maintain a cedar fence’s beauty without applying a sealant for harsh weather because the natural oils act as a sealant.

Chain Link Fence

A chain link fence is a suitable option for a yard that needs security. We supply chain link fences that are constructed out of galvanized wire materials and fences that have LLDPE-coated steel wires. The wires on this fence always run vertically in a zig-zag pattern. Besides security in a yard, you can also use this type of fence to protect

  • A commercial business property
  • A construction zone
  • A playpen for a pet

Retention Pond Fence

A retention pond fence can help you secure an area where water runs between long rainstorm events. Our fences can keep pests and intruders always from the water in a retention zone because they’re tall and long.

Because we offer chain-link fences for retention ponds, people who buy our products can protect a pond without preventing learning opportunities. Thanks to the strategically spaces opening on our fences, people can easily see everything in and around a pond after one of our fences in installed on a government property.

Security Fence

A security fence is usually 10 to 20 feet tall, so it can keep stray animals and intruders off a residential or commercial property. Many security fences are available in a variety of styles. We stock different single and double row security fencing that can protect a small or large perimeter.

If you need an extra layer of protection, an aluminum, double row fence is a practical choice. The second row is the main element that makes a double row fence a highly beneficial security solution for a high risk area because the spacing creating a strategic barrier. On average, the rows between this fence are spaced 10 to 20 feet apart, and the door on a typical fence is designed with a swinging and sliding mechanism.

Split Rail Fence

On a residential property in rural areas, many properties have a split rail fence. This type of fence stands out on a property that has a vintage or modern home because it’s highlight element is timber. Many timber logs are used to make this fence, which is beneficial since the wide spacing between each log doesn’t block the view of a property. If you need a fence that’s functional, practical, and decorative, a split rail fence with rails is worth considering.

Hi-Visibility Fence

A hi-visibility fence is very tough and can be used during safety situations. Many of the hi-visibility fencing products that we offer are designed with convenient features. For example, the plastic fences are tough and strong and have a convenient UV coating that blocks the effects of harsh sunlight.

Key Considerations While Working With Us

If you decide to use our fences to increase your property’s curb appeal and security, you’ll need to develop a proper preparation plan. A tactic strategy for a property isn’t tough to design if the following things are considered during the prep phase:

  • The soil: Soil that totally solid can only hold a fence stable on a property. If your soil is loose, posts will gradually shift whenever rain puddles generate around trenches where the posts are mounted in the ground. If you want to enhance very weak soil, you can strengthen it by mixing fresh, durable dirt with the loose gravel.
  • The purpose: If you consider the purpose of your project, you can easily pick a fence that suits your general situation. For example, if you want to keep dogs and people off your property, you can place a tall fence that’s tough to climb around your yard. If you don’t need a high level of security, simply use a chain-link fence as the wiring will create a practical barrier without completely blocking the view of your property.
  • The layout: In order to avoid problems during the installation process, you must measure the property’s layout. By measuring the borders around your yard, the process of buying enough fencing material to completely protect a perimeter won’t be challenging.
  • The fence dimensions: When selecting a fence, always gather information about its width and height. This data is important as you can use it to determine how much space the product will take up on your property.

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