What we do

Megga Bagger

Fully Automated Sandbag Filling Machine


A Polypropylene or Burlap Bag Used For Flood and Erosion Control

CE Plates

Steel Construction Entrance Plates For Track Out Prevention

Erosion Control

Experienced TESC Installers In Preventing Water Pollution, Soil, Wildlife Habitat and Human Property Loss.

Flood Fighter

Hand Held Aid For Filling Sandbags


Privacy, Chain Link, or Split Rail Fencing

About US

The Bag Lady, Inc. is not only the Northwest's leading supplier of empty and filled sandbags, but also the manufacturer of the world renowned Megga Bagger. Our Megga Bagger's are the fastest, safest, and most ergonomically friendly, portable sandbagger in the world. Viola Malone, President and CEO of The Bag Lady Inc. noted, "We developed the Megga Bagger using a basic formula: it must be safe, easy to use and have maximum production capabilities. We are dedicated to reducing injury while increasing production and supplying our customers with on-going client satisfaction." In 1990, Viola took a liking to the idea of selling filled sandbags. Her determination to fill sand bags safely, swiftly and accurately resulted in her husband, Morris Malone, developing the safest, easiest, and most productive, portable, and ergonomically designed sand bagging system in the world. All Megga Baggers are built by hand in our shop by highly skilled craftsmen, who are dedicated to the flawless construction of each and every Megga Bagger. We still use the same concept in building each Megga Bagger; "One man, one machine." Each Megga Bagger must meet rigid tests before it is shipped. We are a general contractor as well as a wholesaler/retailer of filled and empty sandbags. We are dual registered as a WBE/DBE and are also a pre-qualified WSDOT contractor. If you have any specific questions about The Bag Lady, Inc., please contact Viola at bagladybags@comcast.net

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