Construction Entrance Plates

Our carefully crafted Construction Entrance (CE) Plates dislodge dirt, mud, rocks and asphalt between tire treads by flexing the truck tires. They help to remove debris from the jobsite on trucks, while reducing track out onto roadways. The debris contained in the CE Plate can easily be removed with a handy scraper. CE Plates will help to avoid the costly, time consuming clean up by preventing the problem before it happens. It will greatly reduce sweeping and water truck usage while also showing the public the utmost consideration. Construction Entrance Plates are portable, inexpensive, and require hardly any extra maintenance!

Features of our Construction Entrance Plates include:

Saving valuable clean up time
Reduces track out and vehicle damage
Portable and low maintenance
Interlocking plates with no separation
Complies with Washington State Department of Ecology BMP C105 (found in Volume II of
the Stormwater Management Manual for Western Washington, and Chapter 7 for Eastern

The strategically placed longitudinal bars produce vibration which flexes the tires as the truck drives over them, and loosens material from the tire tread, frames, tailgate aprons, and bottom dump gates. The average size is 8′ wide x 10′ long, but can be designed to fit your specific jobsite needs.

DSC_0096_op_624x417 Construction Entrance Plates

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