In the News: The Megga Bagger’s Impact on Centralia’s Flood Management

The Megga Bagger, a state-of-the-art sandbagging equipment, has been a game changer for the City of Centralia. This impressive machine by The Bag Lady has proven invaluable in the city’s efforts to control flooding and protect the community.

The Megga Bagger: A Game Changer for Centralia

  • The flooding problem in Centralia has been a long-standing issue
  • The Megga Bagger has significantly improved the city’s ability to manage floods
  • Advanced features of the Megga Bagger set it apart from traditional sandbagging methods
  • The Centralia community benefits from increased safety and reduced property damage

According to Centralia Public Works Director Kim Ashmore, the city has long been affected by flooding from China Creek, Chehalis, and Skookumchuck Rivers. However, the introduction of The Megga Bagger has revolutionized the city’s approach to flood management. This cutting-edge sandbagging equipment allows the city to quickly and efficiently protect vulnerable areas from floodwaters.

Comparing the machine’s capabilities to the most recent flood event in January, Ashmore observed that hundreds of people shoveling sandbags took a day to produce what the machine could do in just a few hours. On average, a person “grinding” can fill 30 sandbags in an hour, which might only protect a single house, The Bag Lady owner Viola Malone said. The Megga Bagger’s efficiency is undeniably a “game changer” for Centralia.

The Megga Bagger is equipped with innovative technology, significantly outperforming traditional sandbagging methods. This highly efficient machine can fill a remarkable 1,600 sandbags per hour, drastically reducing the time and labor required to protect the community from floods.

The use of The Megga Bagger has had a substantial impact on Centralia’s flood management efforts. Not only has it made the process more efficient and cost-effective, but it has also helped to protect the community from the devastating effects of floods, leading to a safer environment and reduced property damage.

The Megga Bagger is set to significantly alleviate the burden on both residents and city personnel during potential emergencies. As Centralia enters the flood season, Ashmore praises the machine as “a good spend.”

The Bag Lady: Provider of Erosion Control Services and Sandbag Machines

The Bag Lady is a leading provider of erosion control services and sandbag machines like The Megga Bagger. With a focus on providing effective and reliable solutions for flood management, The Bag Lady has helped countless communities protect themselves from the devastating effects of flooding.

About The Bag Lady

This advanced sandbagging machine by The Bag Lady has proven to be essential in safeguarding the community from the devastating effects of floods. The efficiency and effectiveness of The Megga Bagger have demonstrated its incredible value, making it a must-have for communities at risk of flooding.

With a commitment to delivering top-notch erosion control services and sandbagging equipment, The Bag Lady is dedicated to helping communities manage the risks associated with flooding. Their team of experts works tirelessly to ensure that their clients receive the best possible solutions to protect their homes, businesses, and infrastructure from the damaging effects of floods.