Flood Fighter

The Flood Fighter is a cylindrical tapered tool, open at both ends, and designed to aid in filling sandbags. With the help of the flood fighter, safety concerns (such as shovel cuts and sand in the eyes) are virtually eliminated. When the Flood Fighter is inserted into the sand bag, it holds the bag upright (without needing to be held by hand), and provides a large, funnel like opening at the top. Filling is greatly facillitated with the spilling reduced to an absolute minimum. When the sand reaches the start of the funnel on the top end, the tool is simply slipped out, leaving the bag upright and ready to be tied or folded. when more than one person is available, using several of the flood fighters, an assembly line technique can be useed. timed usade of the flood fighter has increased production by 300-500%

Flood Fighter Quick Facts:

Safe, effective, and easy to use.

Lightweight, durable, and long lasting.

Easy to ship and store; designed to stack inside each other

computer designed for maximum performance and increased efficency

Flood Fighter Specifications:

One piece molded polythylene, 1/8 inch thick.

Weight: 2.2 pounds each

Made in the USA

100% recycled material

Color: non reflective black

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