Sandbag Filling Machine

Save Labor And Time With Our Automatic Sandbagger  

Introducing The Megga Bagger. It’s finally here, your easy-to-use, reliable automatic sandbagger for all sandbagging needs!

Anyone can operate it! Safe, easy-to-use, and quick! Tackle all types of sandbag projects. Amidst extreme weather conditions, from worksites to flooding emergencies, get sandbagging done fast.

Build, Secure, Protect, Control

Save labor and time! Avoid the uphill battle with other defective sandbag filling devices. Anybody can operate our sandbagger machine — it’s carefully manufactured for fast and reliable operation. Discover a remarkable automated experience. Fill sandbags in any weather conditions — our automatic sandbag machine ensures the job gets done!

No more endless, back-breaking work. Fill sandbags quickly, with the least amount of labor. Don’t burn out your workforce.

By far, our sandbag filling hopper is the fastest available. It produces a sandbag in seconds — safely, rapidly, and reliably! We made our automatic sand bagging machine uniform and easy-to-operate.

  • Fast production
  • Least amount of labor
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Easy-to-use, automatic sandbag machine

A Rapid, High-Volume Sandbagger Machine

Keep up with any sandbag project! Help your team be on schedule. Now, your workforce can perform and react immediately. Maintain a steady and productive workday amidst deadlines, emergencies, or harsh weather conditions.

From first responders to military efforts — race against time with our powerful sandbag machine! Any crew or team can operate our sandbagging machine. The Megga Bagger is an automatic sandbagger, generate a sandbag every 3 seconds.

  • Safe & fast
  • Extremely portable
  • A staple tool for contractors
  • Valuable sandbagger machine support

Avoid wasting precious time and resources! We proudly help flooded communities to construction worksites — make and distribute massive amounts of sandbags day or night. Even in the most severe weather systems, help your workers, volunteers, or neighbors protect, secure, and control flood-prone locations with the best sandbagging machine.

Don’t get stuck on tedious tasks! Shoveling loose sand and dirt into sandbags is a frustrating process without a portable sandbag filler. Our sandbag filling hopper doesn’t require a large workforce to operate.

Ultimate Control, Easy-To-Use Operation

You get ultimate control — our sandbag filling device has various speeds. Choose to operate our sandbag machine automatically or manually. Our automatic sandbagger dispenses sand (or wet sand) reliably, evenly and fast!

  • Designate and control at any speed rate
  • Work in shifts to supply fresh sandbags
  • Alleviates all back-breaking labor
  • The sand bag filling hopper eliminates any need to use excessive amounts of energy shoveling massive and mass amounts of sand at your work site.

The Megga Bagger is the fastest and most reliable sandbagging machine. We use reputable suppliers to produce an acclaimed tool for use in floodwater control and management operations.

Our Bagging Process

How does our sand bag filling machine function?

  • Powered electronically
  • Sandhoppers can be filled with massively large loads of sand
  • Large metal hoppers can work from a bulldozer or backhoe, your choice! It’s that easy!

#1 The Fastest, Fully Automatic Sandbag Machine

The Megga Bagger serves as the fastest fully automatic sandbag filling machine. The machine to fill sandbags has a sand bag filling hopper that shakes and maintains your material in a loose condition. All while our automatic sand bagging machine fills multiple sandbags at the fastest rate in the market.

#2 Fit For Use By Any Operator

Fit for use by any operator, the automatic sandbagger designates both the speed of flow and quantity per bag. Our sandbag filling device manufacturer makes sure our sandbag filling device uses all the right components to expedite the smooth production of sandbags — it is the best sand bag filling machine available.

#3 Use Every Second Of Your Workday

The Megga Bagger model is made best suited for all specific sandbag filling device needs. Our many versions of the sandbagger machine can prepare a sandbag in just 3 seconds. We manufacture every unit by hand at production facilities in the State of Washington.

Why The Megga Bagger?

A fully portable sandbag filling machine — allow your workers the best preparation and support in adverse or harsh conditions. Our automatic sandbag machine fills sandbags faster than any other competing machine to fill sandbags. Be the most productive with our automatic sandbag filling machine. The Megga Bagger provides valuable time for civil defense projects where time can’t be wasted!

Confidently rely on our sandbagger machine! Our automatic sandbag machine brings critical advantages for use in construction areas, flood plains, to name a few. We’re proud to help efforts to protect homes and businesses against rising floodwaters and rainstorms.

Our automatic sandbag machine uses much less human resources to operate than manual methods. Our portable sandbagging machine generates sandbags safely, quickly, and at the most cost-effective rate possible. A supervisor can assign workers to transport and place sandbags in high-risk locations, instead of wasting time sand digging and bagging by hand.

The Mega Bagger serves as the highest-powered sandbag filling equipment. Even under time-constrained, harsh, and adverse working conditions, we took careful steps to include protective features that enable any automatic sandbagger operator to use our electric sandbag filling machine. 

The Megga Bagger Has An Immediate Return On Investment

Faster than manual shoveling, our machine fills sandbags rapidly. The cost savings produced by our automatic sand bagging machine gives an immediate return on investment.

Many numerous municipalities and flood control districts have discovered the fantastic benefits of utilizing the Megga Bagger as the most suitable sandbag filling machine. Our portable sandbag filler allows manufacturers to expedite production dependably.

Our automatic sand bagging machine also offers valuable assistance to producers of landscaping, commercial compost, and clay products, to name a few of the many industries we serve.

The Megga Bagger is the most highly sought after electric sandbag filling machine available.

Our portable sandbagging machine offers flexibility to flood control districts seeking to protect a variety of potential flood locations.

The Best Sand Bag Filling Machine

The Megga Bagger is a landmark product. The numerous applications for this customized sandbagger machine make it an in-demand item for most outdoor projects and events.

It has been perfected for safety and utility. A landmark product for automatic sandbagger machines, The Megga Bagger, possesses the most significant advantages beyond its automatic sandbag machine competitors.

  • Streamline production
  • Available with 1 or 2 hoppers
  • Safe and dependable sandbagging
  • Be prepared for any sandbagging use, any time!

An Essential Tool For All Contractors

The Megga Bagger belongs on the shortlist for essential construction equipment.

  • Well-manufactured, easily relocated
  • Rapidly capable of putting sand-like material into bags
  • Enhances building projects of all sizes
  • Build projects with greater confidence even during periods of inclement weather

The Megga Bagger sandbag filling device is a vital tool. Sandbags offer important temporary structures, aid, and protection. Our sandbagger machine is the quickest and most reliable — from construction to sporting to emergency needs.

During quick, on-site work that needs to be done, our sand bagging machine can deploy sandbags that saves resources and time — more workers can be used for the task at hand rather than making sandbags. Without an automatic sandbagger, building and deploying sandbags can be extremely costly in time, resources, and energy. Our powerful portable is sandbagging machine assists construction crews in many places, on all sorts of worksites, and more.