Top Practices For Protecting Soil From Erosion On Construction Sites

Top Practices For Protecting Soil From Erosion On Construction Sites

Erosion control is still an issue for builders today from the natural forces that wear away the land and ruin homes, cities, and office buildings.

Erosion control is a tool for construction workers; controlled erosion isn’t something that goes on, on the job sites. Water, wind, ice, and even gravity all work against construction workers, damaging the ground they are building on.

Rain can flow through the land, causing loose soil to move. Ice can also freeze and cause damage to the soil you are building on. Lower elevation areas are incredibly fragile when it comes to erosion. The water has to flow somewhere, and low elevation areas are incredibly vulnerable.

The Harmful Impact Of Erosion

The problem goes beyond erosion by merely changing the terrain that construction sites are building on. Runoff is created by erosion, sometimes damaging the rivers and lakes that the water runs into. According to sources from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, it is estimated that almost 4 billion tons of eroded materials wash into our lakes and rivers every year.

As you can see, erosion is terrible news not just for construction sites but also to the entire community. Runoff can damage the environment in many ways, such as killing fish, making the water undrinkable, and even interfering with fish spawning. This is why limiting erosion on the construction site is so significant. The good news is there are ways construction sites can stop their materials from running off into water streams.

Controlling Erosion

Vegetative cover is one of the ways to control erosion. This method uses plants as erosion control products, creating a barrier between the rain and the ground. It stops the rain from hitting so impactfully, and the plants catch much of the rain. This method slows runoff velocity.

The downside is these solutions aren’t always practical. This method can be used for residential, more permanent locations; however, it’s not the best solution long-term. Therefore it is important to consider contacting an erosion control specialist to solve the problem. Construction sites won’t be around long enough for small plants to grow enough to be useful. It’s best for construction sites to off-loud the problem to erosion control companies in Puyallup, Washington.

Erosion Control Companies

Erosion control companies specialize in helping others deal with erosion control. The Bag Lady can examine the construction site and come up with a solution for uncontrolled erosion. This allows the contractor to stay focused on their job – building – rather than dealing with other problems. Contact The Bag Lady for erosion control installation services in Puyallup, Washington.

Removal Of Excess Water

Dewatering is just one of the erosion control products we offer. This method uses hoses and bags to catch the water and filter the debris out. The residue stays behind in the bag as the water flows freely. Contact us for erosion control installation services in Puyallup, Washington.

Turbidity Barriers

These are the last line of defense against the fight against debris. These barriers hang in the water and go almost to the bottom. The purpose of these barriers is to catch debris just before it moves into a body of water. The curtain-like structure of these barriers allows water to flow freely.

Erosion – a force of nature – is something we will always struggle to control. If you are looking for erosion control companies in Puyallup, give us a call to schedule an appointment or consultation.