The Megga Bagger Is Essential Construction Equipment for Safety and Protection

The Megga Bagger greatly enhances any size building project. Protection on job sites, especially during site excavations, is crucial. Nowadays, building contractors and masons, when in need of sandbags, need to obtain them rapidly. Sandbags can offer important temporary protection. Safety precautions done efficiently and quickly can save time and money on all job sites.

The Megga Bagger belongs on the shortlist for essential construction equipment. Build safety and protection sandbagging projects with greater confidence, even in the poorest of weather conditions. Time and money can also be saved on bagging other pour materials such as commercial compost, landscaping aggregates, and clay products.

An Eye on Safety

The Megga Bagger can also be a valuable addition to civil defense projects, municipalities, and flood control districts. Sandbags help control cresting waterways, eroding shorelines, and can redirect or stave off rising water during emergencies. From safeguarding eroding shorelines to bolstering protection in military foxholes, The Bag Lady Inc. has the sandbagging equipment to speed up safety and protection efforts.

With an eye on safety, the Megga Bagger is a self-contained portable sandbagging machine. In flood-prone areas, it’s no longer a battle to protect property and save communities from damage or loss of life. The Megga Bagger helps streamline the process of preparing sandbags.

Enjoy Minimum Labor And Maximum Production

Easily portable, well-manufactured, and capable of generating bags of aggregate materials rapidly. Pour materials such as sand, compost, gravel, or small rocks can be filled into large bags quickly and uniformly with minimum labor. The Megga Bagger machine has revolutionized a traditionally time consuming and labor-intensive process.

Allowing sandbag production to be dependably expedited, Megga Bagger can lower the labor costs and scheduling costs of projects in need of sandbags or other types of pour material needing to be bagged. From a team of able-bodied young men to the elderly, this machine is ergonomically designed and constructed.

A Powerful Tool

The Megga Bagger can have one to two hoppers for filling — one hopper can prepare between 1,000 and 1,400 bags per hour on average. Heavy-duty adjustable vibrators keep the material flowing. A filled bag of pour material can be generated every three seconds. Eliminate the need for a large staging area or a large number of volunteers. More time can be spent on using sandbags, rather than producing them.

  • A portable machine
  • Quick and uniform production
  • Control quantity per bag and speed of flow
  • Gigantic metal hoppers can fill large loads
  • Heavy-duty adjustable vibrators keep material flowing

The Megga Bagger is a powerful tool. It provides labor-saving up to 80% and a 400% increase in production compared to manually filling bags. The Megga Bagger alleviates backbreaking labor by eliminating a need to spend energy shoveling material at worksites. Operators of a Megga Bagger can control both the quantity per bag and the speed of flow. The machine runs on time and can be set gradually on dispensing material. Easy to operate but also sophisticated in quality control. The Megga Bagger is a cost-saving machine.

Operates In All Weather Conditions

Superior design and engineering features allow it to perform in less than ideal weather. This sandbagging equipment can be operated in rainy or wet weather. Inventor Morris Malone took steps to include protective features that allow operators and laborers to continue using this filling machine in adverse conditions.

Protecting homes and businesses against rising floodwaters often occurs during rainstorms. Sandbags can prevent water from flowing through populated areas during the stormiest weather conditions. The Megga Bagger machine dry or wet sand evenly and reliably. A stressful task in the wake of an approaching storm, energy and resources can be focused on protection and safety.

The Megga Bagger Is An Acclaimed Landmark Product

By relying on reputable suppliers to provide the individual components within the assembly, The Bag Lady Inc. company has succeeded in producing an acclaimed tool for safety and protection efforts. Every unit of the Megga Bagger is manufactured by hand at production facilities in the State of Washington. Customers can select the model of the Megga Bagger best suited for their specific needs. Morris Malone devoted an extensive effort to perfecting the safety and utility of his landmark product. Visit The Bag Lady Inc. to learn more.