Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fence

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Are you looking for an affordable, conventionally stylish fencing option? Do you need long-lasting protection for your residential or commercial property?

Consider USA’s #1 fencing choice

Chain-link fencing brings protection, long-lasting durability, and a statelier look to all properties.

The Bag Lady Inc. is a reputable business that specializes in chain-link fences. Our chain-link fencing options will bring an upgrade to your home or business. Your property will feel more protected with the long-lasting, reliable protection of a chain-link fence.

We have chain-link fencing options that range from stylish to practical that fit every need. A chain-link fence — also referred to as a wire-mesh or diamond-mesh fence — uses a type of weaving method with galvanized or LLDPE-coated steel wire. It is a wire netting woven together from a pattern discovered within textile manufacturing.

Protect Your Home

Our chain-link fences bring value and durable protection. They will beautify and protect your home or business. A chain-link fence can blend into the surrounding landscape and create a statelier look for your property.

Today’s new chain-link fence options offer you more variety, value, and durability to protect your home. Durability, strength, and a formal style are what a chain-link fence brings to a home or business. Chain-link fences are a low-cost way to bring a sturdy border to the boundaries of your property.

Chain-link fence materials have reached new levels of strength and quality. These new standards for chain link fences bring assured lasting protection and continuous satisfaction for many years.

A Residential or Commercial Chain Link Fence

Chain-link fences are typically used from protection, for children or pets in backyards and schoolyards throughout the United States since the turn of the century. Chain-link fences are known for their tradition of long-lasting value, durability, and strength.

A chain-link fence can accommodate any area that needs security including:

  • A commercial business property
  • A new construction zone
  • A safe area for a pet or children — to name a few.

USA’s #1 Fence System

Affordable and highly dependable value is what you can expect from your chain-link fence. The configuration of woven steel wire links is exceptionally durable and perfect for home developments, new construction, public work projects, or a lush front yard. It allows for superior exposure of the space it covers and is corrosion resistance.

The All-American chain-link fencing option has been used for backstops on baseball and softball fields to front yards for suburban to urban homes.

Homeowners recognize the value of traditional chain-link fences as they remain affordable, highly dependable, and USA’s #1 selling fence system meant to protect and add a more elegant but also classic look.

Over 20 Years of Durability

A chain-link fence is expected to last over 20 years — and if one is built with quality materials that now meet a higher standard — it may be even longer. Chain-link fence can seamlessly blend into the surrounding landscape or create a statelier image for your property or home.

Chain-link fences last far longer than wood among other fencing products. Your new fence will provide protection and long-lasting value.

Easy Installation & Maintenance

Our chain-link fences are simple to install. This fencing option can be installed on a variety of surfaces including sand, soil, asphalt, and concrete. Chain link fencing uses a framework method made up of posts and rails, held together by caps. The chain link fabric or mesh is then stretched tightly across the framework after installation.

Our installation of chain-link fences eliminates the need to dig any large holes or remove materials from the site. It is the most economical option for more residential and security needs. The ease and flexibility of installation has made this a popular choice for business and homeowners throughout the USA.

Installation involves setting posts into the ground and then attaching the fence to them. The post can be made from steel tubing, timber, or concrete and can be set in concrete. The end or corner posts must be placed in concrete footing. This prevents the fence from leaning under the tension of its stretched wire netting. Posts are set at intervals that do not exceed 10 feet. Our team will attach the chain-link fence at one end, stretch it, and fasten it to the other end. The excess wire can be easily removed by “unscrewing” a wire.

At The Bag Lady Inc. we stock high-quality traditional chain link products. From bringing security in your yard to protecting business properties, chain-link fences bring reliable value to any space.

Guaranteed Protection & Privacy

The popularity of a chain-link fence comes from its versatility in installation options — which also allows for many different options to achieve any level of privacy.

Should you desire privacy one option is to allow ivy or other types of interweaving plants to grow along the fence as well. You can use your chain-link fence as a trellis adding cover from abundant flowering plants, like a beautiful lavender wisteria. There are even options to make your chain-link fence semi-opaque from inserting slates into each row of mesh.

You Will Love Your Chain-Link Fence

Cost-Efficient Security — Chain link fences are inexpensive and can be made into various heights in practically any space.

Durable, Long-Lasting Protection — Over a 20 year long life-span the galvanized steel will resist rust and damage over long periods.

Easy to Repair — The repairs, if needed, are even easier than the installation. A section of your chain-link fence can be easily replaced and look precisely like the rest of your fencing at any time.

Elegance and Visibility — You will always be able to see what is happening around your yard making this option great for individuals with pets or children.