The Bag Lady, Inc. is the Northwest's leading supplier of empty and filled sandbags.  We offer polypropylene and burlap sandbags.  Sandbags have historically been a simple and effective way to prevent or reduce flood water damage to property and buildings. Properly filled and placed sandbags can divert hazardous water which can cause immeasurable damage and possibly loss of life.

We offer quality polypropylene sandbags with 1,600 hour UV protection, 850 denier, and hem tops with tie strings attached. 

The Bag Lady, Inc. fills 5,000 to 12,000 bags a day on site or delivered.  Sandbags may be purchased palletized or in bulk bags for ease of loading and unloading on site.  Empty and filled sandbags can be shipped anywhere in the continental United States.  Please call for current pricing at (253) 770-8606 or 1-888-770-BAGS (2247).
Examples of Polypropylene & Burlap Sandbags
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